Sexual fears

Sexual fears

Quite often sexual fears lead to problems in intimate life. Phobias cause suffering and harassed person, sometimes making it impossible for intercourse.

Various obsessive fears associated with sex, causing emotional stress and anxiety often lead to depression, avoidance in the future, a complete rejection of intimacy. In sexologist describes the many kinds of sexual phobias. The most common is the fear of sexual life – the fear of initiation. Also quite often the fear of sexual failure in men, fear of being unattractive physically in bed with women. Not less common and such fears, as the rejection of his naked body, fears of being a partner of the opposite sex, different sexual phobias as the consequences of a bad sexual experience.

Factors that cause sexual fears

So, what are the reasons people develop a fear of sex, sexual phobias? The sexologists and psychologists argue that sexual phobias may have a totally different background. The following list presents the most common of them:

  • Lack of awareness of adolescents on sexuality, the prohibition in the family in the discussion of this topic and improper formation of the sexual perception of the child.
  • Poor awareness of adolescents about methods of protection and security of an intimate relationship.
  • Experienced trauma in childhood associated with violence.
  • Negative self-esteem in a child, a haunting sense of guilt.
  • Incorrect installation about family, about the roles of men and women in family and sexual life.
  • anti-social actions of the partner.
  • Gross or perverse behavior of the partner.

Causes of sexual phobias are many. But the most common in adolescence and sometimes in adulthood – the fear of sexual intercourse, associated with the possible pain during defloration. This fear is inherent in both girls and boys. A young girl, usually afraid of pain and discomfort, repulsive, rude or too impatient behavior of the partner. In men the fear of defloration is no less strong: many young men are afraid to hurt your partner, to hurt her, see blood. Many young men are also afraid of possible negative reactions to sexual partners and responsibility for her physical and mental condition.

Many insecure individuals concerned about the fear of sexual failure for premature ejaculation. This is the most common issue among adolescents, which recently started sexual life. Anyway, all men in varying degrees, experiencing the fear, which goes with experience and as they grow older. However, in some individuals this fear is very intense, gradually transformed into pathological anxiety. If fear of sexual failure worried man for many years, and attempts to cope with the psychological barrier is not good, if at a young age a man begins to suspect yourself of impotence, this most likely indicates the presence of anxiety and phobic disorders.

Страх сексуальной неудачи

It should be noted that young people suffering from fear of sexual failure and premature ejaculation, should first consult a qualified therapist. While many make the mistake and begin a comprehensive but unsuccessful treatment for impotence. Of course, it will not bring results: loss of sexual power at a young age the man is unlikely, and all the problems just “in the head”.

Sexual fears are very diverse, and depending on the object of the phobia has a different name. Among the most common are the following sexual phobias:

  • genophobia is a fear of sexual relations;
  • erotophobia – fear of sexual intercourse;
  • agoraphobia – fear of rape;
  • coitophobia – fear of sexual intercourse;
  • parthenophobia – fear of innocent girls;
  • tocophobia – fear of pregnancy;
  • mysophobia – fear of infection shameful disease;
  • nanotube – fear of consequences of Masturbation.
  • vaginababe – fear of the vagina;

Also seventy percent of the male population suffers from a complex about the size of his penis that is the most common cause of all the sexual fears of men.

If at the beginning of the sexual fears are periodic in nature, in the future, they tend to progress, become stagnant complexes, leading to severe depression. Wrong mindsets injure person, deprive of full sexual and social life.

Despite the fact that a man has the fear of sexual relations, he formed his own system to the satisfaction of the sexual inclinations that leads to distortions of various kinds. After all, any healthy person needs a full sexual contact. Not being able to lead a normal sexual life, the individual is subconsciously trying to compensate for the lack of sex. Well, if these ways are:

  • onanism;
  • collecting pornography;
  • compensation for the lack of food for sex;
  • sublimation of sexual energy and direct it to work (workaholism) or creative activities;
  • the”humility” of the body through religion (cult all sorts of techniques for “taming” of the flesh).

In the above cases, we can talk about healthy compensation sexual fears. However, sometimes, sexual phobias lead to pathological, perverse ways of compensation that may manifest in unhealthy interests, destructive actions towards themselves and even violence against other people (physical or psychological).

That is why so it is important to pay attention to have sexual fears and complexes and to go to a therapist. Any, even the smallest in your opinion, “unworthy of attention” sexual issues need to be addressed. If you do not deal with the treatment of anxiety-phobic disorders, over time they progress, transforming into a more severe mental disorders and substantially reducing the quality of life of the individual.

It is important to remember that any sexual phobias in most cases, successfully treated with a course of psychotherapy. Turning to the specialist in time, you will be able to adjust the sexual life, to achieve a full and harmonious relationship with your partner.

Сексуальные страхи можно преодолеть

I hope that this information has helped you learn more about sexual phobias and their varieties. We will be glad if you will join our psychological project, because our goal is to help people deal with their phobias and fears. Sharing this post on social networks or leaving a comment, you help others with us!



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