Radiophobia: fighting the fear of radiation

Get rid of the fear of radiation and radiation

Any modern man is well aware that radioactive radiation causes irreparable harm. Fear of radiation, which is sometimes called the “invisible killer”, is quite understandable. All people are somehow familiar with information about how harmful radiation. Cancer, malignant tumors, headaches, radiation sickness and many more negative health effects carries the radioactive radiation.

All of us are somehow trying to protect themselves from radiation. For this, many reduce long-term relationships with technology (phones, computers, microwaves), buy a remedy, try to spend more time outdoors, in the ecologically clean areas. Such measures are a normal reaction to potential danger. This is not the case with radioframe.

Radiofeb, figuratively speaking, obsessed with the fear of getting radiation. He may panic afraid to use any appliances, to lead a solitary life, to take inappropriate measures of protection, to experience intense panic, anxiety and anxiety at the thought of possible radiation. There are cases when radiofobia stalking and obsessive fear of death from radiation sickness or cancer, which is a manifestation of hypochondria, thanatophobia and the paranoid syndrome.

Radiophobia – is anxious-phobic disorder-based on unfounded, biased fear of radiation sources. In the absence of timely treatment, the phobia progresses, transforming into a more severe mental pathology.

Causes of radio-phobia

Cases of radio-phobia in the former Soviet Union have increased after the explosion at Chernobyl. The fear of many people before the radiation is quite simple to understand: these days, the rays can really cause serious damage to health and even human life. However, the main reason for fears and phobias experts believe not the development of technology, and lack of awareness about what constitutes radiation. More harm brings not the radiation, but the irrational fear of it.

In the media you can find a lot of information, including very dubious, about the dangers of radiation. Many of the notes can cause the townsfolk a real shock. Sold in stores dietary Supplement, which allegedly protect from the effects of radiation. This creates the illusion of real threats. Manufacturers make money on unsuspecting people, forcing them to fear of radiation able to reach a neurotic level. So, propaganda about the dangers of radiation through the media and advertising is not only forcing gullible people to spend money on “life-saving” drugs, but settles pathological, biased fears in their minds. Anxious, gullible or easy suggestible person easily succumb to propaganda. This is especially true of older people, for which data from the media are reputable. The risk group also includes children and adolescents: not fully formed personality, whose views are not yet finalized, is easily suggestible.

Among the causes of radio-phobia may also be called family life. If parents and other family members were treated to technology with fear, the fear passed and the children.

Hereditary predisposition to anxiety and phobic disorders is also a cause of radio-phobia. However, it can serve as blagopriatnoe soil and for many other phobic and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Negative experiences when interacting with technology when working in hazardous work, forced exposure, which caused the injury (e.g., chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer or being a source of radiation), and other cases of radiation exposure can be objective reasons for the development of radio-phobia. And in this situation treatment of anxiety and phobic disorders is complicated greatly by the negative experience.

Symptoms of the fear of radiation

A person suffering from radio phobia, trying to convince others of the merits of its alarm. He seeks to avoid interaction with the microwaves, ATMs, and even mobile phones, assuming that they are sources of dangerous radiation. Sometimes “avoiding” interaction with technology comes to the absurd, and ends in complete isolation from the modern world. A lot of radiofobia move in an ecologically clean forest in family estates or lead a solitary life away from civilization.

Radiophony believe in the myth that cacti absorb harmful radiation. Often at the home of radiofobia you can see a lot of cacti that are placed near the “threat” of home appliances. However, such “measures” do not help to cope with fear. Also his house can be equipped with special installations, absorbing the radiation, covered with foil and other protective materials, it can wear special protective clothing, etc.

Also on the behavioral level radiophobia is manifested by constant study of different literature about radiation exposure, watching movies, Chronicles and news of the deaths of people and the environment from radiation. Radiofeb seemed fixated on the object of their fear, and, on the one hand, seeks to study it in detail. On the other hand, such a study only helps to increased anxiety, heighten psychological tension by the same person, the appearance of imaginary fears.

Due to the fact that the nervous system is constantly stressed, any information about radiation can cause panic attacks.

During a panic attack radiofobia experience the following somatic symptoms:

  • difficulty breathing;
  • tachycardia;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • the appearance of the skin is cold sweat.

Radiofeb constantly thinking about the impending disasters associated with the radiation, even if the objective reasons for this.

Treatment of radio-phobia

To help with phobias may systematic work with a therapist. Specialist have to figure out for some reason developed a fear of radiation. Once a person realizes that his fears are irrational, he gets a chance to start living a normal life. It is sometimes possible to cure a radio phobia, using hypnosis and trance techniques.

Well as to relieve severe symptoms the therapist may prescribe additional medication. Sedatives greatly facilitate the physical condition of the patient, and the administration of antidepressants normalizes psychological background. Eliminating intense of the symptoms, alleviating the common physical and mental state of the patient contributes to a more easy and comfortable psychological work with him, a more rapid cure. However, it should be remembered that the medicines may be prescribed by the attending physician. Self-treatment will only exacerbate the situation.

Sometimes the treatment of phobias requires a large amount of time and a lot of effort. However, as practice shows, many patients are able to achieve a positive result and return to normal life. If you don’t know how to get rid of a phobia, talk to a psychologist: it will help to make first steps on the road to recovery.

I hope that this article has helped you learn more about this anxiety phobic disorder as radiophobia. Our psychological project dedicated to helping people in dealing with fears, phobias, stress and depression. We will be glad if you will join our vision to do this, simply repost or leave a comment to the article.

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