Biggest Phobia List


We present the most complete list of phobias. Over 400 phobias and fears that exist in the world at the moment!

About most phobias you can read the relevant article on our website. Simply select your desired phobia and follow the link.

Ablutophobia – Fear to swim
Abolitioni (ablutophobia) – Fear of washing and water treatments
Aerophobia – Fear of flying (in an airplane)
Hagiophobia (hierophobia, aerophobia, galiophobia) – Fear of sacred objects, shrines, priests
Agyrophobia – Fear of the streets, to cross the street
Agoraphobia (agrophobia) – Fear of space, open spaces, plazas
Agrizoophobia – Fear of wild animals
Aichmophobia (anemophobia) – Fear of pins, sharp objects
Acarophobia – Fear of Contracting scabies
Aquaphobia (hydrophobia) – Fear of water, dampness, liquids
Ailurophobia (galeophobia, gatophobia, ailurophobia) – Fear of cats, cats
Aichmophobia (Selenophobia, belonephobia, Occitania) – the Fear of sharp objects prick
Acneone – Fear of the appearance of the skin acne
Acrobatby Fear not to understand the meaning of reading
Acrophobia (aeroacrophobia, aeronausiphobia, bateofobiya, hypsiphobia, gypsophobia) – Fear of heights
Acousticophobia (phonophobia) – Fear of sounds, talking on the phone
Algophobia (anginophobia) – Fear of pain
Alexia – the Fear of losing the ability to read
Alektorophobia – Fear of chickens
Allodoxaphobia – Fear of their own opinions
Albuminurophobia – Fear of getting kidney disease
Amaxophobia (motorphobia) – Fear of driving, Fear of transport
Amathophobia (koniophobia) – Fear of dust
Ambulophobia (basophobia, basiphobia) – Fear of walking
Amychophobia – Fear of skin damage
Amnesiphobia – Fear of loss of memory, forgetfulness
Anablephobia (anablephobia) – the Fear to look up
Anarthria – Fear of loss of articulate speech
Anatidaephobia – chasing Fear (the witness) duck
Anginophobia – Fear of choking, suffocation, sore throat
The anglophobia – Fear of English
Angrophobia – Fear of anger
Androphobia (arrhenphobia, hominophobia) – Fear of men
Anemophobia (acrophobia, aerophobia, ancraophobia) – Fear of air, wind, drafts
Ankylophobia – the Fear of stillness
Antlophobia – Fear of floods
Anthophobia (anthrophobia) – Fear of colors
Anthropophobia – Fear of people in General
Autophobia (anuptaphobia, isolophobia, monophobia, eremophobia, anemophobia) – Fear of solitude, of celibacy
Apeirophobia – Fear of infinity
Apiphobia (melissophobia) – the Fear of bees, wasps
Aplikatory – Fear of garlic
Aplodontia – Fear of opinions
Apoptose – Fear of the restroom
Arachibutyrophobia – Fear of peanut butter sticking to the soft palate
Arachnophobia (arachnophobia) – Fear of spiders
Arithmophobia – Fear of a number, numbers
Arsonphobia (pyrophobia) – Fear of fire, fire
Asymmetriphobia – Fear of asymmetrical things
Asthenophobia – Fear of fainting, weakness, loss of consciousness
Keraunophobia (astraphobia) – Fear of lightning
Astrophobia – Fear of stars and of the starry sky
Athazagoraphobia – Fear to forget that
Ataxiophobia – Fear of violation of coordination of movements
Atelophobia – Fear of imperfection
Atephobia – Fear of ruins, ruins
Atychiphobia – Fear of failure, the failure
Atomosophobia (atomosophobia) – the Fear of nuclear explosion
Aulophobia – Fear of flutes
Auroraphobia – Fear of Northern lights
Aurophobia – Fear of gold
Authoritative – Fear to pose for a camera (video or photo)
Autodysomophobia (bromidrophobia, bromidrosiphobia) – Fear an odor, sweating
Aphenphosmphobia (aphenphosmphobia, haphephobia, haphephobia, haptephobia) – Fear of touch
Acerophobia – the Fear of sour
Aeroakrofobiya – Fear of high open places

Basilashvili (basestation, stasibasiphobia) – Fear of standing
Bacteriophobia (bacillophobia, verminophobia, VeriFone, helminth, scoleciphobia) – the Fear of worms, infectious insect
Ballistophobia – the Fear of bullets, missiles, throwing objects
Barophobia – Fear lifting weights, gravity, gravity
Batrachophobia (bufonophobia) – the Fear of frogs and toads
Bathophobia – Fear of depth
Bibliophobia – Fear knigu, libraries
Laptopovi – Fear to give
Blennophobia – Fear of slime
Bogifobiya (fazmofobiya) – Fear of ghosts, spirits, devils, scarecrows
Bolshephobia – Fear of Bolsheviks
Botanophobia (botanophobia) – Fear of plants
Brontofobiya (keraunophobia) – Fear of storms, thunder, lightning, storm

Vaccinophobia – Fear of vaccination
Venerate – Fear of Contracting a venereal disease
Venustraphobia (caligynephobia) – Fear of beautiful women
Verbophobia (logophobia) – Fear of words
VeriFone (bacteriophobia, bacillophobia, verminophobia, helminth, scoleciphobia) – Fear of bacteria, germs, infected, worms, infectious insect
Orthophobia (gynophobia) – Fear of dizziness
Vestiphobia – Fear dress up
Wiccaphobia – Fear of sorcerers, witches, witchcraft
Vinofobiya – Fear to drink wine
Virginitiphobia – Fear of rape
Vitricophobia – the Fear of the stepfather
Vomitoria (emetophobia) – Fear of vomiting

Hadephobia – Fear of hell
Califomia (gallophobia, francophobia) – the Fear of the French
Amaxophobia – Fear of wheeled transport
Hamartophobia – Fear of committing an indecent act
Gametophobia (gamophobia) – Fear of marriage, marriage
Harpaxophobia (cleptophobia, scelerophibia) – the Fear of thieves, robbers, thefts
Hedonophobia – Fear of pleasure, joy
Geliophobia (geliophobia) – Fear of laughter, sun, sun
Hellenologophobia – Fear of complex scientific terminology Greek terminology
Gallophobia – Fear of Greek
Helminth (bacteriophobia, bacillophobia, verminophobia, VeriFone, scoleciphobia) – Fear of bacteria, germs, infected
Hematophobia (haemophobia, hemaphobia) – Fear of blood
Genophobia (genuphobia) – Fear of knees, injuries of the knee, involved with the issues of sexual differences
Gerascophobia (gerontophobia) – Fear of old people, ageing
Germanophobia (testophobia) – Fear of German
Herpetophobia – Fear of reptiles, reptiles, snakes
Heterophobia – Fear of the opposite sex
Gephyrophobia – Fear of bridges
Hyalophobia (hyalophobia, crystallophobia) – Fear of glass
Hydrargyophobia – Fear of mercury
Hydrocofone – Fear sweat
Hydrophobophobia – Fear of the appearance of hydrophobia
Hylephobia – Fear of materialism
Hylophobia (xylophobia, nyctohylophobia, hylophobia) – Fear of the forest, the dark thickets
Gymnophobia – Fear of nudity
Gynophobia (genecopoeia, gynephobia) – Fear of women
Hypegiaphobia (hypengyophobia, hypengyophobia) – Fear of responsibility
Hypertrichophobia (chaetophobia, chaetophobia) – Fear of hair
Hypnophobia (clinophobia) – Fear of hypnosis, sleep, go to sleep
Hypotonia – lack of Fear sense of fear
Hippophobia (equinophobia) – Fear of horses
Genophobia – Fear of glance doll
Glossofobiya (paraphobia) – Fear of public speaking
Gnosiophobia – Fear of knowledge
Hobophobia – Fear the poor and beggars
Hodophobia – Fear to travel
Gomilofobiya (scopophobia) – Fear of communication with others, to draw attention to himself, sermons
Homichlophobia (homichlophobia) – Fear of fog
Gomozigotnye – Fear to commit murder
Homophobia – Fear of homosexuals, homosexuality
Hoplophobia – Fear of firearms
Hormephobia – Fear of shock, shock situations
Gravitatoria – Fear of meeting with a pregnant, pregnancy
Graphophobia – the Fear of writing by hand, writing utensils
Homophobia (homophobia) – Fear of taste

Deipnophobia (deipnophobia) – the Fear of dinner conversations over lunch
Dextrophobia – Fear of the right-hand
Dementophobia – Fear of insanity, insanity
Demonophobia (satanophobia) – Fear of demons, the devil, evil spirit, evil spirits
Demophobia (ochlophobia) – Fear of crowds, crowds
Dendrophobia – Fear of trees
crippling dental phobia (odontofobiya, odnowione) – Fear of dentists, dentists, dental treatment
Dermatosiophobia (dermatosiophobia, dermatopathophobia, dermatophobia) – Fear of Contracting skin diseases
Defecaloesiophobia – Fear of painful sensations in the gut
Detsidofobiya Fear to make decisions
Diabetophobia – Fear of diabetes
Didaskaleinophobia (scolionophobia) – Fear of school (school visit)
Dikephobia – Fear of justice
Dinophobia (orthophobia) – Fear of nausea, dizziness, whirlpools
Diplophobia – Fear of a split (optical phenomenon)
Dipsophobia – Fear to drink
Dishabiliophobia (dishabiliophobia) – the Fear of undressing or appearing naked in front of anyone
Dysmorphic disorder – Fear of his own appearance
Desperate – Fear of going crazy
Destinity – Fear of accident
Doksofobiya – Fear of gratitude, to Express my opinion
Domatophobia – Fear of houses generally stay in the house
Demophobia (claustrophobia) – Fear of the closed space
The dorafobiya – Fear of fur and animal skins
Doraphobia – Fear to get or make gifts
Dromophobia – Fear of traffic

Evpatoria – Fear of hearing good news
Eurasiabio – Fear of ideas that differ from generally accepted

Zeusophobia – Fear of gods
Zelophobia – Fear of jealousy
Zemmifobiya – Fear of rats
Zoophobia – Fear of animals

Iatrophobia – Fear of visiting the doctor
Ideophobia – Fear of ideas, of thinking
Isopterophobia – Fear of insects that eat wood, termites
Illyngophobia – Fear of dizziness when looking down
Insectophobia (anemophobia) – Fear of insects
Entomophobia – the Fear of the first intimate bond
Infarctive – Fear of myocardial infarction
Iophobia – Fear of poisons, poisoning
Hypochondria (nosophobia, pathophobia, molysmophobia) – Fear of getting sick
Siderodromophobia – Fear a road track
Ithyphallophobia – Fear of contemplation and thoughts about erodirovannoj penis
Ichthyophobia – Fear of fish
Izolofobiya (anuptaphobia, autophobia, monophobia, eremophobia, anemophobia) – Fear of solitude, of celibacy
Isopterophobia – Fear of insects that eat wood, termites
Illyngophobia – Fear of dizziness when looking down
Entomophobia – the Fear of the first intimate bond
Infarctive – Fear of myocardial infarction
Iophobia – Fear of poisons, poisoning
Hypochondria (nosophobia, pathophobia, molysmophobia) – Fear of getting sick
Siderodromophobia – Fear a road track
Ithyphallophobia – Fear of contemplation and thoughts about erodirovannoj penis
Ichthyophobia – Fear of fish

Kainolophobia (cainophobia, cainotophobia, centophobia) – Fear news
Chirophobia – Fear of change, the appearance of strangers
Kakorrhaphiophobia – Fear of defeat, failure
Cacophobia (teratophobia) – Fear freaks
The kantserofobiey (carcinophobia, canceropole) – Fear of cancer, a malignant tumor
Cardiophobia Fear of heart attack, death from heart disease
Carnophobia – Fear of meat
Catagelophobia – Fear of being ridiculed, become an object of ridicule
Catapedaphobia – Fear of jumping
Kathisophobia (kathisophobia) – Fear of sitting
Catoptrophobia (spectrophobia, eisoptrophobia) – Fear of mirrors
Counterphobia – Fear scared
Karatobe – Fear of a cut in the haircut (barbers)
Kenophobia – Fear of voids, open spaces liberatoria (cyberphobia) strategy computers
Cibophobia – Fear of food
Kymophobia – Fear of waves, undulating movements
Kinesophobia (kinetophobia) – Fear to move, movement
Kenophobia – Fear of dogs, rabies
Chionophobia (chionophobia) – Fear of snow
Cyprianophobia (cypridophobia) – Fear of sexually transmitted diseases, prostitutes
Kyphophobia – the Fear of stooping, bending
Cleisiophobia (cleithrophobia) – Fear of closed space
Climacophobia (climacophobia) – Fear of stairs, stairs
Cnidophobia – Fear of stinging insects
Kainophobia – Fear of the room where many people gathered
Coitophobia (erotophobia, colofonia, kolpophobia) – the Fear of love, sexual intercourse, female genitalia
Coimetrophobia – Fear of cemeteries
Koinoniphobia – Fear of rooms in General
Cometophobia – Fear of comets
Contraloria – Fear of confrontation
Contreltophobia (contreltophobia) – the Fear of sexual harassment
Kopophobia – Fear of fatigue, overwork
Coprastasophobia – Fear of constipation
Coprophobia – Fear of feces
Kosmikophobia – Fear of cosmic phenomena, space
Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns
Cremnophobia – Fear of precipices, ravines
Criminatory – Fear to commit a crime
Cryophobia (psychrophobia, cheimaphobia, frigophobia) – Fear of cold
Xanthophobia – Fear of yellow colour
Xenophobia – Fear of foreigners and strangers
Xerophobia – Fear of dryness, drought
Xylophobia (nyctohylophobia, hylophobia, hylophobia) – Fear of the forest, wooden items
Xyrophobia – Fear of razors
Cherophobia – Fear fun
Chorophobia (chorophobia) – Fear of dancing

Laliophobia – Fear of speaking
Lalophobia – the Fear of speaking out
Laterifolia – Fear to lie on the other side
Lachanophobia – Fear of vegetables
Levophobia – Fear of being left, left
Leukophobia – Fear of white color
Leprophobia – Fear of Contracting leprosy (leprosy)
Ligyrophobia – Fear of loud noise
Ligrofobiya – Fear of the dark
Lilapsophobia – Fear of hurricanes
Limnophobia – Fear of lakes
Lyssophobia (maniaphobia) – Fear of mental disease, disorder,
Liticaphobia – Fear of the court
Luiphobia (loophole) – Fear of syphilis
Lutraphobia – Fear of otters

Mageirocophobia – Fear of cooking
Macrophobia – Fear of a long wait, waiting
Melissifolia (tokophobia) – Fear of childbirth
Mastigophobia – the Fear of whipping, punishment
Megalophobia – Fear of large objects
Medomalacuphobia – Fear of loss of erection
Medorthophobia – Fear of the penis in erection
Melanophobia – Fear the whole black, black
Melophobia – Fear of music
Megafobia (menophobia) – Fear of menstruation
Meningitophobia – Fear of brain disease, fear of meningitis (disease)
Merinthophobia – Fear of being bound, ropes
Metallophobia – Fear of metals, metal
Meteorophobia – Fear of meteors
Metrophobia – Fear of alcohol
Metrophobia – Fear of poetry
Mechanophobia – Fear of machines, mechanisms
Mysophobia (automysophobia, rhypophobia) – Fear of contamination and touching surrounding objects
Mycophobia – Fear of mushrooms
Microphobia – Fear of small objects
Myxophobia – Fear of sexual intercourse because of the need to bare genitals, touching the body of the partner
Myrmecophobia – Fear of ants
Megafobia – Fear of myths and fairy tales
Mnemophobia – Fear of memories
Monopathophobia – Fear of a specific disease
Morphinomania – the Fear to become addicted to morphine
Motorofobiya (amaxophobia) – Fear of automobiles
Mottephobia – Fear of moths
Musophobia – Fear of mice

Necrophobia – Fear of dead
Neopharmaphobia – Fear of new drugs
Neophobia (cynophobia) – Fear of novelty
Nefofobiya – Fear of clouds
Get (achluophobia, scotophobia, achluophobia) – Fear of the dark, night
Nosocomephobia – Fear of hospitals
Nomatophobia – Fear of names
Nomophobia – Fear of being without mobile phone, without a connection
Nostophobia Fear to return home
Nucleomituphobia – Fear of nuclear weapons
The numerofobiya – Fear of numbers in General

Obesophobia – Fear of getting fat
Obsession – Fear of the Intrusive state
Oikophobia – Fear of returning home from a psychiatric hospital
Oenophobia – the Fear of wine
Octophobia – Fear of the number 8 (eight)
Olfactophobia – Fear of smells
Ombrophobia – Fear of rain
Ommatofobiya (ommetaphobia) – Fear of eyes
Nanotube – Fear of the harmful effects of Masturbation
Oneirogmophobia – Fear of night ejaculation
Oneirophobia – Fear of dreams
Opiophobia – Fear to be treated, doctors
Optophobia – Fear to open your eyes
Ornithophobia – Fear of birds

Osmophobia – Fear of bodily odors
Episiotomy – Fear of human scents
Ostraconophobia – Fear of shellfish
Ophidiophobia (epistemophobia) – Fear of snakes

Panophobia (pantophobia, panophobia) – Fear of what might happen
Papaphobia – Fear of the Pope
Papyrophobia – Fear of paper
Paralipofobiya – Fear of erroneous actions
Paraphobia – the Fear of not doing my duty
Paraskevidekatriaphobia – Fear 13
Paraphobia – Fear of sexual perversion
Parthenophobia – Fear innocent girls
Patroiophobia – Fear of heredity, inherited diseases
Pediophobia – Fear of dolls, children’s toys
Pedophobia – the Fear of the children, the birth of a child
Peladophobia (phalacrophobia) – Fear of bald, balding,
Peniaphobia – Fear of poverty, impoverishment, poor
Pentheraphobia – Fear of mothers-in-law
Pathophobia – Fear of neutercane intestinal gas in the presence of strangers
Placophobia – Fear of graves
Plutophobia – Fear of wealth
Pnigophobia – Fear of being strangled
Pogonophobia (phagophobia) – Fear of beards, bearded
Poliosophobia – Fear of polio
Politicophobia – Fear of politicians
Polyphobia – the Fear of many phobias (fears), the presence of many phobias (fears)
Porphyrophobia – Fear of purple
Potamophobia – Fear of rivers, flowing water
Primatologia – the Fear of losing innocence
Proctophobia Fear hemorrhoids, proctitis
Prosophobia – Fear of progress
Psychophobia – Fear of the soul
Pteronophobia – Fear of feathers

Rabdofobiya – Fear of physical and psychological punishment
Radiophobia – Fear of radiation

Rectophobia – the Fear of not having chairs
Rhytiphobia – Fear of wrinkles
Russophobia – Fear of Russian

Selafobiya – Fear of light flashes
Selachophobia – Fear of sharks
Selenophobia – Fear of the moon
Seplophobia – Fear of rot
Siderodromophobia – Fear of riding in a train, the train
Symbolophobia – Fear of unfavorable omens
Symmetrophobia – Fear of symmetry
Syngenesophobia – Fear of relatives
Sinophobia – Fear of Chinese
Sitiophobia (sitophobia) – Fear of eating
Syphilophobia – Fear of Contracting syphilis
Scabiophobia – Fear of getting scabies
Sciophobia (scopophobia) – Fear of shadows
Scolionophobia (didaskaleinophobia) – Fear of school
Scopophobia (homilophobia, scotophobia) – Fear of communication with others, to attract attention, sermons, a closer look at other
Scoptophobia (scopophobia) – Fear close scrutiny by others
Scotomaphobia (scotomaphobia) – Fear of blindness
Somniphobia – Fear of sleep
Soteriophobia – the Fear of depending on others
Sophophobia – Fear to learn
Social phobia – Fear of companies, contacts, estimates of others
Spacephobia – the Fear of empty space
Pedophobia – Fear of Contracting AIDS
Stasiphobia – Fear of getting up
Staurophobia – Fear of crosses and crucifixes
Stenophobia – Fear of narrow corridors

Tabatabai – Fear of Contracting spinal tabes
Taphophobia – Fear of funerals, fear of being buried alive
Thalassophobia – Fear of seas, oceans, swimming in the sea
Thanatophobia – Fear of death
Taurophobia – Fear of bulls
Theatrophobia – Fear of theatres
Textophobia – Fear of fabrics
Teleophobia (theophobia) – Fear of the religion of God
Telephonophobia – Fear of the phone waiting for a phone call
Teniophobia – Fear of Contracting worms
Theologicophobia – Fear of theology
Thermophobia Fear heat, the heat
The technophobia – Fear of technology
Toxicophobia Fear of poisoning
Tomophobia – Fear of surgical operations
Topophobia – Fear of being alone in the room, disaster
Traumatophobia – Fear of injury
Tradegate (triskaidekaphobia, triskaidekaphobia, triskaidekaphobia) – Fear of the number 13 (thirteen)
Tremophobia Fear shake
Trypanophobia – Fear of injections
Chaetophobia – Fear of hair getting into food, on clothes, on a body surface
Tropophobia – Fear of moving, of change
Tuberculophobia (phthisiophobia) – Fear of Contracting tuberculosis

Uranium phobia – Fear of heaven, look to the sky
Urophobia – Fear of Poo

Phagophobia – Fear of choking on food
Phalacrophobia (peladophobia) – Fear of baldness
Pharmacophobia Fear to be treated, taking medication
Phasmophobia – Fear of ghosts
Febriphobia – Fear of flu
Phengophobia (photophobia) – Fear of light
Philemaphobia – Fear of kissing
Philosophobia – Fear of philosophy
Philophobia – Fear of love
Phobiaphobia (phobophobia) – Fear of phobias (fears), symptoms of fear
Photoaugliaphobia – Fear of bright light
Phronemophobia Fear to think
Phthiriophobia – Fear of lice

Chirophobia – Fear the emergence of a sense of joy, fun in an inappropriate setting such as a funeral
Harpaxophobia – Fear thieves, robbers
Cherophobia (xerophobia) – Fear of fun, fear, joy because of the possible unpleasant outcome
Chirophobia – Fear of hands
Chorophobia (chorophobia) – Fear of Contracting cholera.
Chrematophobia (chrometophobia) – Fear of money
Chromophobe – the Fear of what
Hromofobiya – Fear of colors at all
Chronomentrophobia (chronophobia) – Fear hours time
Chemophobia – Fear of chemical compounds

Cenophobia – Fear of empty rooms
Cibophobia – Fear of food
Cyclophobia – Fear of bicycles

Euphobia – Fear of good news
Eicophobia – Fear of home surroundings
Eisoptrophobia – Fear their own reflection in the mirror
Achiebe – Fear to speak or to listen to good wishes
Ecclesiophobia (ecclesiophobia) – Fear of churches
Ecophobia – Fear of his house, fear of nature (environmental destruction)
Eleutherophobia (eleutherophobia) – Fear of freedom, liberation
Elektrofobiya – Fear of electricity
Amychophobia – Fear of scratches
Enissophobia – Fear of criticism
Enosiophobia – Fear of sin
Enochlophobia – Fear of crowds
Eosophobia – Fear of the day, dawn, sunlight
Epistaxiophobia (epistaxiophobia) – Fear of cold
Ergasiophobia – Fear to operate (sometimes doctors)
Ergophobia – Fear of work
Erythrophobia – Fear of blush
Ephebiphobia – Fear of teenagers

Judeophobia – Fear of Jewish

Japanophobia – Fear of Japanese
Iatrophobia – the Fear of the doctor



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