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All substances depending on the quantity and method of application may serve as drugs or to benefit, be neutral, or toxic. Everyone in life is faced with the effects from the use of certain substances. It can be both positive and negative. For example, any food consumed in excessive quantities, causes overeating or food poisoning. And many of us have experienced a hangover, allergies, burns, overdose symptoms, drugs, faced with the pollution of space, or unpleasant odors, a feeling of disgust, which cause certain substances. The state of fear of any substances that are harmful, it is a normal human reaction that protects him from their negative influence.

However, it also happens that the fear of some individuals before the substances become obsessive and uncontrollable nature, growing to panic, interferes with normal life, causing anxiety and inadequate response. In this case we can speak about phobia of substances – pathological disease that requires treatment.

Substances causing fear

  1. Metrophobia – fear of alcohol.

This phobia develops in people who are anyway faced with the negative consequences of alcohol intake. Can she appear if an individual was once poisoned by alcohol, has experienced the strongest hangover, when the alcohol gave his body to the critical state – hypertensive crisis, coma, severe allergic reaction, etc Prerequisites for the development of alcohol phobias can be psychological factor. So, a phobia can form an unpleasant incident which occurred due to intoxication. Watching aggressive, inappropriate behavior-drinking relatives, the person may begin to feel inadequate fear of alcohol.

Страх всего что связано с алкоголем

Symptoms of metallophobia appear in a patient when he sees the alcohol or feel the smell of it. On the one hand, metrophobia has a positive aspect: Metropole not facing alcoholism. At the same time, metrophobia a lot of inconvenience. For example, the ill metilovom carefully watching not to accidentally take a medication containing alcohol. Also a real torture for them can be family holidays, meeting with friends, corporate work and any feast. After all these events featured the ritual of drinking alcohol. Even cakes and candies with alcoholic impregnation or filling can cause the patient a sense of fear. Therefore, the majority of Mitrofanov try not to participate in the feasts in General.

Are suffering and those who are forced to work with alcohol by virtue of the profession – sellers, sales representatives, employees of restaurants. Is no exception and the family: if family is not respected prohibition, the patient lives in constant psychological stress. Metrophobia is manifested in relation to all alcohol and spirtosoderzhaschey products, and to some of them. For example, the phobia before the wine is called “oenophobia”.

If in the case of metrophobia the patient still has the ability to completely avoid any contact with the object of fear, the other fear substances to avoid the stressor impossible.

  1. Amathophobia – fear of dust and dirt.

The object of this kind of phobia of dirt and dust. Emetophobia are afraid of any dirt and dust, just that, in their opinion, may “contaminate” or “infect” them. However, avoid contact with dust is not possible: it is present everywhere, and even in the air. Therefore, autofab is in a state of permanent anxiety, and the disorder progresses easily and can lead to serious consequences. Typical autofab afraid of anything that creates dust and dirt, as well as their sources. His house is always perfect cleanliness, even to the point of sterility. He can do a wet cleaning several times a day, delighting in disinfectant household cleaning products and solutions. This phobia is not always the consequence of excessive love to cleanliness. Often it causes the opposite of its own negligence and any negative event associated with it (e.g., poisoning or infection).

Страх пыли и загрязнений

Autofab is afraid to be in indoor air pollution that avoids contact with animals or with people: they can cause not only fear but anger. On the psychophysical level, the symptoms of emetophobia can manifest themselves uncontrollable disgust, panic, nausea, and vomiting. If you do not pay due attention to these symptoms and not to treat disease, amathophobia progresses faster and may lead to serious physical and mental pathologies.

Of course, emetophobia also are different. Some of them are quite understandable, for example, coprophobia (fear of contact with feces), seplophobia (fear of rotting, decaying substances). Many of us are phenomenon is quite unpleasant. But here a distinction should be made between natural hostility and panic.

  1. Cibophobia – fear of food.

One of the most severe phobias substances psychologists and psychiatrists believe food fear. Such fear in psychology called “cibophobia”. This eating disorder is very dangerous for patient’s health and directly threatens his life. Because ciboria is a direct path to such psychosomatic disorders as bulimia and anorexia. And these psychological diseases, in most cases, end or irreversible changes in the body, or death. The phobia of food can cause such stressors as:

  • Food allergies.
  • Poisoning.
  • Narusheniia and pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • excessive or insufficient weight.
  • the Fear to gain weight, “become thick”.
  • Low self esteem and tendency for self-criticism.
  • a Deep sense of guilt and a desire to “punish” themselves.
  • Excessive and fanatical passion for any food ideologies (vegetarianism, raw food diet, protein power and others).

Cibophobia can be complete (rejection of any food), and partial. Fear of certain foods isolated as a separate subspecies of cibophobia:

  • Alliumphobia – fear of garlic.
  • Carnophobia – the rejection of meat products.
  • Lachanophobia – fear of vegetables.

Боязнь пищи

  1. Metallophobia.

Another form of phobic substances is the fear of metal and metal products. It can be caused by negative effects from contact with metal or metallic objects. For example, burns, cuts, accidents. After negative events in a person on a psychological level it creates an “anchor”, which is associated with a negative situation every time a person is in contact with a metal or a metal product.

  1. Pharmacophobia – fear of drugs.

This phobia is often found in the modern world on the background of the flourishing pharmaceutical industry. Having a bad experience from taking medication (often a negative effect alleged), the person begins to panic fear of any medicine. Fear can occur to any forms of medication – pills, liquids, injections, IV drips. Full pharmacophobia the patient is afraid of falling in your body of any drug. It may seem that pharmaceutical chemistry is killing him, poisoning him.

Страх лекарств

Pharmacophobia tend to mistrust the person with the developed imagination, prone to distrust. Often pharmacophobia so much afraid of drugs, even when serious diseases prefer to go not to the official medicine, and to all sorts of healers and psychics. Pharmacophobia dangerous because it can lead to a lethal outcome in case of non-hazardous sickness that could be prevented competent reception of simple medicines.

Any phobia substances can be corrected and a successful full recovery with timely treatment to a competent therapist.

What else are phobias of substances:

  • Haemophobia – fear of blood;
  • Iophobia – fear of a poisoning with poison;
  • Chemophobia – fear of the products of industrial and pharmaceutical chemistry.

Fear of substances is an actual problem for many of us. Allergies, food poisoning, negative associations with substances can easily trigger the development of anxiety and phobic disorders. In the article the authors have tried to provide as much information about the fear of substances, as well as ways to avoid the development of a phobia. We are happy to the reviews left and repost this entry to your social networks. I hope that this information will help you and your friends to overcome your fears!



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