Fear of people: all about types of phobias before the representatives of the society

Fear of people

We are all born and brought up in society. From childhood we are taught to interact with others – peers, parents, and other adults. However, in the modern world, increasingly there are individuals susceptible to the disease as people fear. Fear of society is a whole section of phobic disorders. Each of the social phobia has its own name and its object of fear. They are all very different in their intent and the nature of the flow. And if fear of doctors is understandable, has objective preconditions, some social phobias so unusual and amazing that he did not give any explanation. We can say that for every profession, job title find your phobic disorder.

Anthropophobia – fear of people – one of the hardest types of social disorders with the most severe consequences. The person experiencing the fear of society, carefully avoiding any contact with people. He is not able to communicate, not able to find a common language with them, to get acquainted. In severe cases of anthropophobia irritates even the presence of other people: he is afraid to look at them, contact with them visually. A permanent sense of fear in anthropophobe greatly reduces his quality of life. It may not work, conduct a full-fledged leisure. There are also difficulties with shopping in stores, and while walking down the street, enjoying the outdoors. The impossibility of communicating with society affected all spheres of life of the individual. The lack of family, personal life, earnings, inability to develop professionally – all the severe consequences that anthropophobia. If left untreated this phobia, it is easily compounded, transforming into a more severe phobic disorder.

Causes panic people can be different, but most often the prerequisites are:

  • Incorrect, it is uneducational upbringing in childhood.
  • Suppression and criticism from parents.
  • Individual predisposition to anxiety (hereditary or acquired).
  • Especially the mind and nervous system.

How to overcome fear of people? This is almost impossible, because anthropophobia – pretty complex, multifaceted disease, and takes quite seriously. Necessary skilled care of a psychologist or psychiatrist.

A disease like the fear of the people, manifested in various spheres of human life. One of the varieties of social phobia is crippling dental phobia – fear of dentists. Often patients are aware of the need to visit the dentist, you know, without treatment they can not do. But force yourself to go to the doctor can’t. Bouts of uncontrollable panic and extensive psychosomatic symptoms make a trip to the dentist is like death! Under any pretext, a patient will visit the doctor. And even the strong, aching tooth pain are not able to get him to go for it.

Страх дантиста или стоматолога

Fear of another person may acquire an amazing shape! For example, many feel a fear towards people of certain nationalities. Among these phobias:

  • Heliophobia (fear of Greek citizens).
  • Russophobia (fear of Russians).
  • Francophobia (French).
  • Teutophobia (German).
  • Anglophobia (fear of England).

The object of the phobia may also be those individuals with whom the individual is related. Also fears can emerge in relation to any social group of people who differ in gender, sexual orientation, age. The next 6 fears of the person are an example of a social phobia:

  • Androphobia – fear of men.
  • Gynophobia – fear of the female sex.
  • Heterophobia – fear of heterosexual individuals.
  • Parthenophobia – pathological fear of virgin girls.
  • Homophobia – fear of homosexuals.

A separate paragraph in this section phobias can be distinguished pedophobia – fear of communication with children. The object of fear in this case is not only the fear of children as a social group, but also fear to discover they had paedophilic tendencies. Fear based on distorted, misinterpreted moral principles, exaggerated perception of a normal, right relationship between a child and an adult. Pedophobia try to avoid any interaction with children can be hostile to people who, in their opinion, inappropriately communicate with them. At the same time, they often do not want to acquire their own offspring it is for this reason that significantly reduces their quality of life, depriving the family. Pedophobia – severe phobic disorder that must be treated with the help of a specialist. Otherwise the disorder progresses, getting a more severe mental illness.

Fear the other person may also be based on hostility to his appearance. Psychologists such interesting and unusual phobias:

  • Peladophobia – fear the shaven-headed or bald.
  • Pogonophobia – hostility towards people who wear a beard.
  • Teratophobia – fear of physically handicapped people (dwarfs, the disabled, people with congenital deformities).
  • Caligynephobia – fear of beautiful women.

No less common is such phobic disorder as coulrophobia – an irrational fear of clowns. The reason for this fear is unpredictable and inadequate behavior of the clowns. Everything they do (focus, banter, antics, wanton laughter), colroful perceive as actions of mentally ill – person with a severe mental illness. The mechanism of this fear is based on the unpredictability of the actions of the clown. It should be noted that many phobias as time is based on the fact that some phenomena are impossible to foresee.

Паническая боязнь клоунов

It is important to remember that a phobia is a strong reason to pay attention to their psychological condition and ask for help. Even if phobic disorder does not interfere with normal life, and you can easily get along with him, it still requires treatment. Indeed, any phobia tends to worsen, promotes the development of more serious mental disorders.

What else are the fears of people:

  • Wiccaphobia – fear of sorcerers, witches;
  • Gerontophobia – fear of older people;
  • Demophobia – fear of large gatherings of people;
  • Aerophobia – fear of religions, priests;
  • Xenophobia – fear of strangers;
  • Social phobia – fear of society and social phenomena;
  • Ephebiphobia – fear of people of a young age.

so, we told our readers about the kinds and types of phobias people. I hope this article was useful to you and informative. We will be glad if you share it with other people in your social networks or leave your comment. You also have the opportunity to discuss this information with other readers and ask questions in the comments. Together we can help many people to conquer their fears and phobias.



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