How to deal with autumn depression?

We will tell you how to overcome depression

Many people with the onset of autumn face autumn and manifestations of depression: reduced working capacity and immunity, depressed mood becomes a constant companion, reduced the level of appetite, manifest various forms of trouble that happened earlier, it ceases to be fun. Usually this period lasts from mid-October to March. Agree, almost six months to “escape” from life do not want anyone. Because let’s understand the causes of the autumn Blues and how to overcome this condition.

Causes of depression

Just like any disease, autumn depression has a number of causes: medical and psychological in nature.

  • Medical causes of autumn depression. in the Fall, our body reduces the production of serotonin, which is popularly called the “happiness hormone”. But this increases amount of the hormone melanin, which is responsible for the occurrence of negative emotions. First of all, it is because of Sunny days is becoming much less, and in itself day light on the right is shorter, and in the dark serotonin is converted to melanin in our body. The change in the number of these substances leads to the fact that a person gets in a mood and lost any desire active activities. Also medical reasons for the depression in the fall can be attributed to the fact that in this period the immunity is lowered and exacerbated by various diseases: common cold, SARS, etc.
  • Causes of autumn depression psychological in nature. On a subconscious level, our body perceives autumn as the end of the year, and invites us to comprehend all that has happened to us all “outgoing” of the year. Very often it happens that not everything was conceived and planned, was carried out. This is what leads to the effect of “incomplete” actions, which in turn causes a feeling of helplessness. The mood against this background, sharply deteriorates, the condition of apathy is replaced by irritability, sadness – anger at the world. Of course, in this period, the body experiences severe stress, which leads to the autumn Blues.

The symptoms of autumn depression

Every morning outside the window we see little joyful picture: low gray clouds, rain that seems to never end, wet and freezing men, hurrying about their business. So day after day, and now our only desire is to crawl under the covers and hang on the bed a sign: “spring not to be disturbed.” This is the beginning of the autumn depression. Its onset is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Drowsiness almost around the clock;
  • Reduced or conversely increased appetite;
  • Weakening of attention;
  • Increased anxiety, panic attacks,
  • Insomnia.

Of course, similar symptoms can occur in other seasons, but in autumn they gather all in place, and against the background of reduced immunity cause significant harm to our body. Statistics inexorably assert that for the period from the second half of October till end of February has the largest number of cases of suicide.

Risk Group

Autumn depression is not a myth someone invented to justify their own laziness. We must understand that this disease, which can lead to very bad consequences. Like any disease in the autumn of depression there are risk groups of people most vulnerable to its manifestations.

  • In the first place are single people who have no one to share my feelings and thoughts.
  • oddly enough, but the second risk, on the contrary people with a wide range of communication, most of the workers in the service industry. In this case they have an overabundance of communications that may cause “emotional burnout”.
  • People who just came back from holidays. Especially if the vacation took place somewhere in warmer climes, and come back in grey and rainy days. The body in this case perceives the work as an attempt of encroachment on freedom, daily work schedule – as a terrible limitation.

How to cope with depression?

Autumn depression in different people occurs in different ways. Someone able to cope with this depression, and someone has to enlist the help of professionals. However, if you notice any signs that autumn melancholy is not far off, we recommend you to begin from it immediately to get rid of available means.

Eat right

“We are what we eat”. This phrase is known to all of us. Any product that we eat has an impact on our body. There are TOP the list of products that successfully help fight autumn depression.

  • Meat: chicken, rabbit, Turkey, liver. These foods are rich in vitamins A, D, K, contain amino acids omega-3 and omega-6 which are needed in the autumn.
  • Dairy products: kefir, ryazhenka, ayran. Saturate our bodies with calcium, help to normalize the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Bananas. a delicious and healthy product. If you eat 4 bananas every day, it will be enough to cover the entire deficit of potassium and magnesium in the body, and also support the work of the heart muscle.
  • Whole wheat bread. Contains high levels of vitamin PP (nicotinic acid), which is responsible for the withdrawal of toxic elements from the body and maintains a high level of energy through optimization of metabolism.

All the above products are composed of important amino acid – trypophan. It helps the body produce the serotonin necessary for a good mood, number.

Foods for proper nutrition when autumn depression

There is also a support food that is recommended for depressive States:

  • Spinach. Champion products for their high content of folic acid, lack of which may delay the depression for an indefinite period.
  • Apricots. the Contained magnesium helps to combat nervous overexertion and stress.
  • Cocoa. Everyone knows that to get rid of the Blues helps the chocolate, which included cocoa beans.
  • Water. About the use of water has already been said more than once. Depression don’t forget to drink daily posited norm of pure water (coffee, tea, drinks don’t count). After all, if the body is not enough fluid, neither of which the tone and energy.
  • Eat more products of bright colors: tomato, pepper, fruit. Bright shades have a positive effect on our mood.
  • Try to serve food to the table beautiful and unusual, it awakens the appetite, and with it the positive emotions from the contemplation of an aesthetically beautiful dish.

Light and aromatherapy

The positive effect in the fight against autumn depression has a light. Let the light to his apartment. Remove the dull and heavy curtains, replace them with light chiffon curtains. Often ventilate the room, because clean air is very useful to strengthen the body in General, and to complete the work of our brain. In the fight against depression will help and aromatherapy. Light candles with citrus, juniper, or rosemary oil at night and in the morning you will Wake up with ease and smile.

Physical activity

One of the most important items for those who want to fight autumn depression. If you do not have the opportunity to engage regularly in the gym, then try to arrange a daily walk in the fresh air. This will help to free our minds after a hard day and to saturate the body with oxygen for a good night’s sleep. If you are afraid that you will find excuses not to go for a walk, get a dog – it is 100% guaranteed daily evening walks, and lots of new and positive emotions.


Lately there is a tendency to the cultivation of autumn as the time of year for sadness, a warm blanket and tea. However, the lack of activity leads to the beginning of the autumn depression. Put a book, drink tea and go outside. A walk with friends, go to the forest or to the nearest landing to pick mushrooms, hike to a spontaneous barbecue. All this will help to get rid of the Blues and fill you with positive emotions.


Great way to spend a slushy evening at home is to do what you love for the soul. You can even learn something new. You’ve always wanted to learn to draw, but talent particular to this no? Not scary. Get yourself a picture you want to paint on the model. The entire canvas is numbered according to the colors in the color palette. So just armed with a paintbrush and forward, create a new masterpiece!

If all the above ways do not help to get rid of autumn depression, we recommend that you contact the experts: the therapist or psychologist will help you deal with the causes of disease, and prescribe antidepressants, which is needed for you. In no case do not self-medicate or pill intake on the advice of friends and girlfriends. If someone helped a particular drug, this does not mean that it will help you.




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